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tz Domain Name Registration Services

Now available at the Tanzania Network Information Centre (tzNIC)

Many Tanzanians and institutions doing business in Tanzania use generic domain names such as, or to be able to send and receive e-mails or to have their content online (websites). Very few users and institutions in Tanzania have their domain names ending with dot tz (a unique identity on the Internet that is associated with Tanzania).

As of 30 September 2009, for example, there were about 5,200 dot tz domain names registered! This was just 1% of the Internet users in Tanzania as per International Telecommunication Union (ITU) statistics of June 2009 (

Dot tz country code Top Level Domain (.tz ccTLD) is a National communication resource just like +255 - the Tanzania country code for phone usage. In simpler terms, .tz identifies our country on the Internet. This as all natural resources must therefore be managed in the public interest of the individual sovereign country.

To this end the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) in exercise of its mandate, teamed up with the local Internet community to set up a National Committee to advise on how best to manage this resource. Arising from the Committee’s work, was the establishment of Tanzania Network Information Centre (tzNIC) whose key responsibility would be to manage the Internet Registry for .tz domain names.

Since its establishment, tzNIC has been busy setting up the .tz Registry system so as to have full control of the .tz ccTLD and also provide the .tz domain name registrations. tzNIC is now in a position to offer the domain registration services and has a target of taking full control of .tz ccTLD by end of December 2009.

Throughout this period tzNIC has been operating with support from its founding members, TCRA and TISPA (Tanzania Internet Service Providers Association). This support has been given with the understanding that tzNIC will in the medium to long term be able to operate sustainably. In an effort to meet this goal, the Centre will be providing registry services to the country at cost based fees ranging from TZS 5,000.00 to TZS 25,000.00.

For a smooth transition and to encourage new dot tz domain name registrations, tzNIC has resolved as follows: